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Summerside Vet Hospital is a full service animal clinic in Edmonton with the focus of providing high quality health care to our patients. The highly skilled and experienced team at Summerside Vet Hospital is made up of compassionate animal lovers who share a common passion for a pet’s health and wellness. Our newly built animal hospital, fully equipped with modern medical equipment, is open seven days a week. We have an in-house pharmacy and laboratory which helps our vets diagnose and treat your pets as quickly and efficiently as possible. This, in combination with the innovation of our staff, is what makes Summerside Vet Hospital an excellent choice for your pet’s care. We are proud to be one of Edmonton’s high quality vet clinics and are honored to serve the neighborhoods including, but not limited to, Summerside, Ellerslie, Walker, Mill Woods, and those in South West and South East Edmonton.
Our Team
Dr. Disa Boyd (BVMS (Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery))
Dr. Boyd grew up in Edmonton and has always had a love for animals and travelling. Due to this, when she was given the opportunity to do her veterinary degree in Glasgow, Scotland she didn’t hesitate to move to the U.K. and start her next adventure. While there, she met many amazing people, including her husband, and thoroughly enjoyed experiencing the culture and life in Scotland. Before she and her husband came back to live in Canada, when she graduated in 2012, the two adopted their first rescue dog. Dr. Boyd and her husband, Derrk, now live with their older mixed breed dog named Milton, their rescue Sphynx kitty, Scabbers, and their newest addition Pebbles (a Pitbull puppy adopted from ‘Pitbulls for Life’). She enjoys sports like Dragon Boat in the summer and spending time with her animals, family, and friends. She also likes helping animals outside of work with different charities including Pitbulls for Life and the Alberta Spay Neuter Task Force.
Joelleen Wheatley (Assistant Manager)
Joelleen is currently a full-time student at the University of Alberta studying for a BSc in Animal Health with a major in Companion and Performance Animals. Her wide variety of pets growing up, in Edmonton Alberta, was what led her to this degree and the aspiration that one day she will earn her DVM (Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine)
Pat Edgar-Brown (RVT)
Pat graduated, in 2016, with honours from the Animal Health Technologist program at NAIT and is now a Registered Veterinary Technologist. She completed her practicum at Camrose Veterinary Hospital, where she got the opportunity to spend time in mixed practice (primarily focused on cows). Over the past few decades, Pat has been the owner of several dogs; she currently shares her home with two Labradors (Fraser and Hunter), a cat (Cooper), and her human family members. In her spare time, Pat enjoys playing the bagpipes, camping, gardening and cross-stitch/quilting.
Jessie Bell (Vet Assistant)
Jessie, an animal enthusiast, has been around animals her whole life. Whether this be fostering for the humane society, volunteering with different organizations or working at a grooming salon, she cannot seem to stay away from our furry companions. Jessie is currently working towards a degree in recreation and sport tourism at the University of Alberta.
Cyntia Kayo Kashivakura (Animal Health Specialist)
Cyntia, a Veterinarian from Brazil, is working at Summerside Vet Hospital while she endeavors to get fully accredited by the AVMA and the CVMA. She started her Veterinarian career by working with jaguars for a non-governmental organization. After 5 years there, Cyntia decided that it was time for her to increase her knowledge of other furry creatures. She began by volunteering at the Wildlife Rehab Centre in Virginia (USA) and at the Smithsonian National Zoo. Not too long after that, she decided to come to Canada (University of Calgary) in order to pursue her Master degree in Veterinary Sciences with the focus of Parasitology. In 2013, Cyntia completed her graduate schooling and moved to Edmonton with her husband and their three-legged dog, Behdzi. Since the move, Cyntia has had almost 2 years of experience as a vet assistant in an emergency/specialty practice. With a change of heart from wildlife research/rehab to small animal practice, Cyntia is glad to be working with such a great team to provide the best care possible for pets. When she is not working, she loves spending time outdoors and explore new things with her husband, daughter, and Behdzi.
A microchip is inexpensive and the best way to have your pet identified and returned to you. Take a moment to watch this video on microchips.
Geriatric Blood Tests
Our records indicate that your pet is over 7 years of age. Please take a moment to watch the attached video regarding blood testing.
Being overweight has great health risks in pets. Please take a moment to watch the attached video and learn more about it.
Having your pet neutered has many health benefits. Please take a moment to watch the attached video and learn more about it.
Having your pet spayed has many health benefits. Please take a moment to watch the attached video and learn more about it.
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