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Asbestos Attic Insulation and Asbestos Wall Insulation are also known as “Vermiculite”. Vermiculite is the form of insulation that can contain asbestos, and one of the commonly found brands is Zonolite.  If Vermiculite is found, it should be tested in order to know 100% if it does contain asbestos. There is no way, just but looking at the material with the human eye to know for sure.


Asbestos Insulation Testing

There is no way to tell 100% if a material contains asbestos unless testing is performed. Asbestos is tiny fibres that are made up within a certain material and being analyzed in a laboratory is the only way to identify if it contains asbestos and what type.


At Canada’s Restoration Services, we work with the best 3rd party testing companies who can perform this testing. Give us a call today to schedule yours!

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