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We’ve experienced all sorts of severe weather in Calgary. From heavy ice and snowfall to major flooding and harsh winds, Calgary weather can often be unpredictable. No home or business is completely immune to property damage caused by this weather. Paul Davis Calgary offers complete weather damage restoration services from top to bottom, including damage assessments, structural repairs and final clean-ups.


If you’ve experienced the devastation of extreme weather damage, Paul Davis Calgary can help get your home back to normal.


At Paul Davis Calgary, we provide weather damage restoration services to properties damaged during weather-related events, such as:

  • Lightning
  • Hail
  • Ice storms
  • Hurricanes
  • Strong winds
  • Tornadoes


From minor to severe weather damage, Paul Davis has the tools and experience necessary to provide the home restoration services you need.


What to Do In Case of Weather Damage

In cases of extreme weather, it’s important to act quickly to protect your home, your loved ones and your personal safety. If you find yourself in an extreme weather situation, follow these steps:

  • Stay indoors unless it’s absolutely necessary that you leave the house.
  • Document all weather-related damage in your home.
  • Contact your home insurance company immediately.
  • Contact a professional home restoration company to assess the damage and have your home repaired quickly and efficiently.


Our Services

In order to provide weather damage repairs, careful assessment is needed. We will send a qualified Paul Davis technician to your property to provide this assessment. Once we’ve made our inspection, we’ll develop a response plan to provide the restoration and repair services that your property needs.


Before we begin the restoration process, we’ll secure the building to ensure safety. We then remove all debris and commence reconstruction. We use the latest technology to dry and dehumidify all areas of the property that have been water damaged. We also provide mould remediation services to inspect and remove any mould that may have developed as a result of extreme weather. We’ll also clean and repair the contents of your home to ensure that everything looks just as it did before the weather damage.


If your home or business has experienced severe weather damage, Paul Davis Calgary is here to help. We use the latest restoration technology and repair processes in the local area. We keep a safe and tidy work area and our polite team goes about its business with minimal interruptions to your daily schedule.


Contact us for more information about our comprehensive weather damage repair services!

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