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Service Description

Our Focus

Cradle Sleep Consulting provides tired families with prompt, customized sleep solutions and guidance specifically designed for children 4 months to 7 years of age.


Sleep Education

Cradle Sleep Consulting specializes in educating parents about how to make adjustments to the sleep behaviours of your child. Whether you are struggling with frequent nighttime waking, short naps, balancing sleep and nutrition, sleeping through the night or supporting your toddler as they learn to become an independent sleeper, Cradle Sleep Consulting will work with you to reach your desired goals.


Sleep Coaching

At Cradle Sleep Consulting we want you to feel comfortable and confident with your choice to support your child in the development of healthy sleep habits. The term Sleep Coaching refers specifically to the guidance that parents and caregivers will give to your children to encourage them to fall asleep and return to sleep independently. The recommended methods will never involve leaving your child alone to “cry it out”.


Holistic Approach

Cradle Sleep Consulting employs a holistic approach to empower families to teach your baby or child to sleep well. The process is very hands-on and involves the careful consideration of the many factors that contribute to the development of healthy sleep habits for your child. The methodology supports gently guiding your child as they develop the skills they need to sleep well. This is accomplished by tailoring sleep routines, attitudes and associations to ensure that everything is in place to make sleep inviting, predictable and attainable for your little one.


Customized Plan

We want what is best for your baby or child and for your whole family when it comes to sleep. Change can be difficult for babies and young children who seek comfort in consistency and routine. Cradle Sleep Consulting wants to ensure that any changes that are introduced to your child’s sleep are indicative of their specific needs in order to eliminate any unnecessary distress. Therefore, we focus on creating a gentle and comprehensive, customized sleep plan that is reflective of your child’s current and exclusive needs to make improvements to the quality of their sleep.



The methods employed by Cradle Sleep Consulting are inherent and effective because they are grounded in the understanding that much like yourself, your baby or child’s body runs in rhythms, and keeping with these natural rhythms will provide the best results when it comes to their sleep.



The process is mindful of your family’s schedule and provides prompt and flexible options for booking and carrying out all consultations and follow-up correspondence, including evening and weekend availability.

Cradle Sleep Consulting offers a range of packages to meet the varying needs of families, and if you can’t find one that is suitable, a custom package can be built just for you.



At Cradle Sleep Consulting we aim to go above and beyond “getting” your child to sleep. We are committed to the development of healthy and sustainable sleep habits. We firmly believe that there is nothing more important than good quality, restorative sleep for the healthy development of your child and for the well-being of your entire family.


The support that you receive will focus on the following:

  • optimizing the length and quality of naps
  • maximizing night-time sleep
  • balancing healthy sleep with nutrition
  • establishing healthy day- and night-time routines
  • providing the peace of mind that your baby or child can, will and needs to sleep well


Cradle Sleep Consulting services are customized in accordance to the specific needs of your family.

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