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Alimony Guidelines in Toronto, Ontario


Our divorce & family law lawyers in Toronto at Fine & Associates Professional Corporation understand the complexities that arise during divorces and legal separations. As a result, we provide skillful legal representation for spouses seeking alimony or spousal support to help them through the financial difficulties brought on by the dissolution of their marriage. In addition to providing quality legal advice, we will fight for the maximum amount owed to you. We will thoroughly investigate your spouse’s finances to ensure your spouse is not concealing income to defeat your spousal support claim.


How to End a Marriage by Annulment in Canada


A divorce terminates a marriage effective on the date of the judgment. An annulment voids a marriage as if it never happened. That is the main difference for an annulment vs divorce. A Marriage Annulment may relieve one party of some legal or financial obligations incurred by his/her former spouse, but obligations of spousal and/or child support and other property laws may still apply.

Grounds for an Annulment are limited throughout Canada. Proving that one meets the conditions for a Marriage Annulment can take longer and cost more than going through the Divorce process. Before filing for a Marriage Annulment, consult with an experienced family law lawyer.


Collaborative Law

Collaborative Family Law in Ontario Can Be a Cost Effective Way to Settle Your Divorce
If you are looking for a more cost-effective way to settle your divorce or marriage separation, Fine & Associates Professional Corporation provides collaborative law resolutions that allow you to settle your differences amicably without the trouble and expense involved with litigation.

What is Collaborative Law?
Collaborative Law is a process of resolving disputes. Each party retains his or her lawyer to act as an advisor during collaboration. Both lawyers must be trained in dealing with collaborative law and all parties must sign an agreement that they are all committed to resolving the outstanding issues. When Fine & Associates Professional Corporation helps parties resolve their differences with using a collaborative law process, we work together with our clients to find a creative way to resolve your dispute. In collaborative law, all decisions are made by the clients and our role is to act as a legal advisor to guide you through the best ways to settle the differences with your spouse.


Getting Divorce Help in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Divorce is a traumatic and life-altering event that necessitates legal representation by an effective and understanding professional. Our family law lawyers at Fine & Associates Professional Corporation practice a personalized approach to law and will be there with you every step of the way to ensure that you receive the undivided attention you deserve during this difficult time in your life. Rely on our effective family law lawyers to protect your rights during your divorce.


Why Do You Need an Attorney to File for Divorce in Canada?

Our Canadian divorce lawyers have the knowledge and experience needed to fight for a successful outcome for your case. Representing yourself in a divorce is not advisable because there can be complex issues involved in a divorce case that may not be completely apparent to you. There is also the possibility that you may not receive what you are legally entitled due to a lack of understanding about the law. It is usually important to hire a divorce lawyer if you are undergoing a contested divorce or there are children involved—as this further complicates the legal issues already inherent in a divorce. With our extensive knowledge and experience helping individuals through complicated divorces, we will assist you in reaching a favorable outcome for your situation. You can count on the lawyers at Fine & Associates Professional Corporation when you need an advocate to represent you in any family law or divorce matter, including, child support, spousal support, and child custody/child access disputes. We are also here for you when you need a lawyer to protect your property and assets during your divorce.


Divorce Mediation

Mediation is used as an alternative dispute resolution method for couples who wish to resolve their disputes amicably.

If you rely on our divorce mediation services at Fine & Associates Professional Corportion, you and your spouse would sit down in the same room with each other with our trained, neutral mediator. We would assist you in the mediation to arrive at a resolution that suits your needs and objectives. The goal of our meeting/s would be to resolve your divorce or separation matters in a productive, non-confrontational manner.

Our divorce and family law lawyer Lorne Fine is fully-certified in Collaborative Law. We also assist people with mediation or arbitration to assist people in resolving the issues arising from their separation and divorce in a manner which allows them to have more control over their divorce proceedings.


Divorce Arbitration vs Mediation: Which Is Best?

Although the media informs us otherwise, Divorce proceedings do not have to be acrimonious. Even for couples who have some conflicts, the Divorce process may be abbreviated through Divorce Mediation and/or Arbitration. Our experienced divorce lawyers at Fine & Associates Professional Corporation can help you identify which dispute resolution option best meets your (and your spouse’s) needs and provide legal advice throughout the mediation or arbitration process.


Prenuptial Agreements Aren’t Just For The Rich!

Marriage is a partnership. Anyone entering into a partnership should understand the terms of that relationship and protect their rights with due diligence. That means most people, especially those individuals bringing assets into the marriage, should take the time to draft a Prenuptial Agreement or Marriage Contract.

The Divorce Law Lawyers at Fine & Associates Professional Corporation in Toronto can help you draft a Prenuptial Agreement that protects your legal rights and financial assets as well as help you and your spouse-to-be avoid or resolve financial disputes before saying “I Do.”

Even after getting married, it still may be possible to address you and your spouse’s rights and obligations arising from a separation by way of a marriage contract.


Marital Property Division – Your Net Family Property

During a divorce or marital separation in Ontario, you must take legal steps to protect your property and assets. This often involves complicated issues or legal proceedings that necessitate the help of an experienced property lawyer. At Fine & Associates Professional Corporation, we excel at helping families dealing with property division issues arising from their separation. We also have extensive experience fighting for our clients’ best interests when they are undergoing a difficult divorce or separation – be it common law, divorce law, or other situations

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