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Hamilton Extermination is a reputed pest control company that deals with a wide range of pest control and removal services in both commercial and residential areas. Its skilled professional exterminators are determined to offer reliable and effective pest management solutions in Hamilton at reasonable prices.


Bed Bug Extermination
We provide quality and affordable bed bug Heat Treatment & extermination services in Hamilton. Bed bugs are brown colored, oval sized small insects that feed on the blood of animals or humans. An adult bedbug has a flat body that resembles to an apple seed. They do not have wings but move quickly over ceilings, walls and floors. Female bedbugs can produce hundreds of eggs over a lifetime.

Ant Removal
Ants are the one irritating pest problem in Hamilton. There are around 12,000 ants species found around the world. All species have a distinct physical appearance and social characteristics. Thus, it becomes crucial to identify the species before addressing the problem.

Every ant species require different extermination techniques. Our pest control experts at Hamilton Extermination Services, hold extensive knowledge about different ant species and their life cycle, damages and control methods.

Fleas Removal and Extermination
Fleas are one of the major pest problems prevails in Canada and entire North America. Fleas can lead to health hazards due to their allergic nature particularly in pets. They are generally 1/8 inch long, dark brownish, wingless and are laterally flat. They mainly feed on blood and reproduce at a faster pace. We, at Hamilton Extermination Services, provide a comprehensive flea removal and extermination services in Hamilton to both residential and commercial establishments.

Cockroach Extermination
Our cockroach extermination services in Hamilton help residents and business get rid of cockroaches. Cockroaches are the most common household pest that create a lot of nuisances. They are dark to light brown and have six legs and two antennas. They are fond of moist and damp areas and are more often found in kitchen, bathrooms, laundry and warehouses. There are numerous cockroach species found around the world having diverse behavior and physical appearance.

Cockroaches are the most hazardous pest to have in the home. They represent serious health ailments including salmonella, dysentery, typhoid and more. The resilient and rapid reproductive nature of cockroaches enables them to establish their huge empire in your premises in no time. Some common species of cockroaches include:

  • German cockroaches
  • American cockroaches
  • Asian cockroaches
  • Smokey Brown cockroaches

Centipede and Moth Extermination
Centipede belongs to Chilopoda class. They have stretched flat bodies and around 100 legs. They vary in color and pattern depending on the species but, mostly found in brown and reddish orange color. They can be 4 to 152 mm long in size. Centipedes have two long segmented antennae that function as sensitive sensors. The jaws of this insect contain venom glands that are located behind the head. People who are allergic to insect poison may suffer from severe irritation after centipede bite.

Bee and Wasp Extermination
If you are experiencing a large amount of wasps or bees around your home or garden, there may a wasp or bee nest nearby. Bee or wasp sting can be extremely painful and even fatal. They are a nuisance in the summers and you must protect your home and family from these dangerous little beasts.

Professional Spider Removal
Spiders are a nuisance in the home as people have an inherent fear of them. Spiders are arachnids having four pairs of legs and belong to scorpion family. There are numerous spider species found around the world but only a few causes a health threat. Their life span is of around one to two years. They are attracted to warm and dark spaces and feed on other pests and insects.

Mice and Rat Control
Our rat and mice control services in Hamilton are reliable, long-lasting and affordable. The swiftness of rodents makes them difficult to catch and control. They are a serious menace to every residential and commercial establishment. People need to know about their behavior and habitat to execute the right treatment to eradicate these varmints from their property.


Intuitions: Rats are intuitively cautious of those common rat control methods such as traps and bait. Thus, they build their colonies in attics, under concrete and porches and other places that are hard-to-reach.
Disease: Rats carry a lot of serious diseases and transmit them from one place to another. They also carry parasites including fleas, lice, etc. into your home.



Access: Mice are tiny rodents that can gain entry into your home even through the smallest hole or crack. They are always in search of food, water and warmth. If you don’t control them at the earlier stage, you will probably have to deal with around 200 offspring in four months as they reproduce rapidly.
Adulteration: Mice can contaminate human and pet food items. They can also transmit diseases from one place to another.

We, at Hamilton Extermination Services, provide effective, reliable and durable rat and mice control solutions in Hamilton. Our experts use best-in-class products that can prevent mice or rat infestation from your home.

Flies Extermination
Hamilton Extermination Services are one of the leading pest control services across Hamilton. Our trained and experienced exterminators are competent of controlling any type of pest you encounter in your home and business. Our fly control experts are committed to guard homes and businesses from various species of flies.

We understand that flies can be a big nuisance for your home or business. Which is why, we provide effective and long-term pest control solutions.

Hornet Removal
Our hornet removal services in Hamilton provide relief from dangerous hornet nests. Hornets are the largest insects of the eusocial wasps family. There are around 20 hornet species found worldwide. Some species can reach up to 2.2 inches in length. They are the most dangerous wasps and their venom can cause extreme pain and even death. They generally feed on other insects and pests. The hornet queen rules the hive and reproduce.

Canine Bed Bug Detection
When people call us for canine bed bug detection services, they put their trust in our dogs to detect bed bugs. Personal inspection of bed bugs can be expensive, frustrating and time consuming. Bed bugs, their eggs and nymphs are very hard to spot with naked eyes. That’s why a bed bug dog is one of the greatest solutions for finding an early infestation. Detecting small blood feeding pests by using dogs is the only way of accurate inspection to pinpoint the sources of bed bugs.

Due to their keen sense of smell, dogs are capable to find very small things that humans could not find easily. Hamilton Extermination has highly trained dogs. We use cutting edge training techniques and various internal quality control programs to ensure that our dogs always perform their job perfectly.


How Bed Bug Dog Detection Service Works?

Dogs have been used by different agencies for decades to find a variety things such as drugs, bombs, human diseases, and now bed bugs. Bed bug dog detection is a scientifically proven method of pest detection. All our dogs are trained to search pests by habitat. During the inspection when dogs alert, their handlers know they have found something. They are trained to inspect the house, a small apartment, hospitals, hotels, and restaurant within a few minutes. They do their job with 100% accuracy.


Why Choose Hamilton Extermination

An effective team of dogs: A dog that is properly trained by a professional trainer can detect bed bugs within a few minutes. We have various fully trained dogs along with certified and licensed handlers.

High quality work: Bed bug dog detection is faster and efficient than a human inspection. You may not get an accurate result by personal inspection, but by hiring a dog for this job, you will get 100% accurate result.


Cost efficient and time saving: Many pest control companies charge you on an hourly basis. It means, if you hire a professional to inspect your house and it take four to five hours to examine your whole house, you have to pay a large amount. On the other hand, a dog can do the same job within a couple of minutes.


Peace of mind: A systematic bed bug dog inspection will give you a peace of mind. We ensure to deliver a bed bug free house after completing the inspection. Since the establishment, we serve various happy customers.

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