Hypnotherapy sessions by distance, over Skype.

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The Mind Works Hypnotherapy | jackyridley2010
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Jacky Ridley
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Victoria, British Columbia
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The Mind Works offers Hypnotherapy sessions by distance, over Skype.  Therefore location is not relevant as long as you have a good computer and a webcam.  You can be anywhere in the world if you have high-speed internet service and a good connection.  It is not necessary for the therapist to be with you in the room as long as you can see and hear each other.  Remember, you are always in control.  If you are in trance when the internet goes down or there is a technical problem , or an emergency, you can wake up easily and quickly by saying to yourself 'Awake'.  Hypnotherapy is a cooperative venture between both  you and your therapist .  It is not self hypnosis but rather a state of focused relaxation.  You can talk, you can move, and no-one will try to 'control your mind'.  It is safe, powerful and  highly effective.

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