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Putting the Heat Back in Your Kitchen

Ovens, stove tops and ranges are the modern conveniences in the kitchens that we all enjoy. They help you bring several meals every day. But, when they break down, it can disrupt your life and even affect the health of your family, if not addressed in a timely manner. Don’t let appliance problems impact quality time with your family, just contact us.

We offer professional and durable oven/range repair services. All our technicians are licensed and certified to perform the repair and replacement job of any make and model kitchen appliance.


Common Issues We Address in Ovens, Stove Tops, & Ranges

Our technicians are trained to handle a wide range of problems with kitchen appliances. We are well-versed in handling all sorts of issues whether it is with the burner or oven door. We ensure to quickly identify the issue and prevent it as soon and effectively as possible.


If you noticed any of these problems, dial us immediately:

  • The burner won’t come on.

  • Regardless of setting, the burner is extremely hot.

  • The indicator light remains on.

  • The oven door is stuck closed.

  • The oven is not self-cleaning as it used to do.

  • The oven is not baking at all

  • Broiler is not working.

  • Heating issues with the oven.

  • The oven will not heat up.


Parts We Service, Repair or Replace for Ovens and Ranges

  • Thermostats

  • Temperature sensors

  • Gaskets

  • Heating elements

  • Burners

  • Igniters

  • Switches

  • Valves

  • Relays

  • Bake igniters

  • Spark electrodes

  • Spark modules

  • Ignition wires

  • Safety valves

  • Controller boards

  • Dials

  • Self-cleaning latches

  • Thermocouples

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