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Diagnostic imaging is a technology in which doctors use medical images to look inside patient body for a clue to determine the source of medical problems in patients. In this technology machine are used to create an image of structure and activity inside patient body.

City Vet hospital uses digital imaging for the pet Diagnostic. Here Doctor views the digitized image. These images are excellent and have detailed information that help the doctor to examine clearly and locate foreign body in your pet or diagnosis a fracture in bone. This technology allows the veterinarian to accurately make a diagnosis of infirmity or disease in your pet.

Diagnostic and Imaging offers proficiency in veterinary imaging by providing mobile ultrasound, analog and digital radiographic interpretation, and teleradiology. Foreign body in your pet is a serious and potentially life-threatening problem, animal ingesting a long string or ribbon can develop a linear foreign body which is even more dangerous. If veterinarian suspects foreign body in your pet he/she will recommend diagnostic and imaging.

If you suspect that your pet has swallowed a foreign body, call your veterinarian without delay. Sooner the pet receives medical attention; there are better chances of full recovery with fewer complications. As animal advocates, we want to see pets living indoors, sleeping in warm beds, and having what we think is the perfect life. Our goal is to provide quality of professional medical and surgical services in order to provide the pet best care.

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