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Pets need regular dental care. Professional care from your veterinarian, as well as care at home from you. It is essential for the pets to because oral diseases are directly related to the eating behavior as well as overall general health.

Dental care plays an important role in your own overall health and well being and it is true for the pets too. Various dental diseases causes pain because of them your pet can loss the teeth and these diseases can lead to serious bacterial infection. Infected gums and teeth are not just a problem in the mouth the heart, kidneys, intestinal tract, and joints may also be infected.

At City Vet hospital, we have full digital dental capabilities to make a diagnosis of the problems and provide a course of healing and maintenance. Here we thoroughly examine the mouth, clean the teeth and suggest a step that may include brushing your pets teeth because is an important step in preventing dental problems.

One of the most suitable and effective ways to fighting oral disease is feeding specially formulated foods. There are a number of things you can do to help keep your pet's teeth in good shape one of them is to start a dental care routine as early as possible in your pet's life so he get used to the feeling of having his teeth brushed and inspected. Catching teeth problems early will help avoid severe dental disease. A dental exam should be part of your pet's regular physical checkup.

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