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14 Roy Street,
Fredericton, New Brunswick
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I offer healing and angelic advice for those in need. 20 years experience. 




Angel Channellings.

With my clairaudience I am able to hear your angels speaking to me in order to tell me what you presently need in all areas of your life. I then convey them to you as well as give you the tools you can use in order to remain balanced, healthy and happy.




When you come see me I see all the angels around you, loved ones in Nirvana , your guides even fairies. They appear as most beautiful in technicolor. They show me symbolically exactly what you need to be more abundant in all ares of your life. Your relatives beyond the veil appear in beautiful garments and youthful or they will apear in a way in which you last knew them as in order to relate to you easier and with compassion.   


?When you come see me we will also find the kabbalic angels you came in with. There are three of them in each incarnation. I'll show you how to work with them and what they are wanting to teach you. I'll teach you what will happen when you beging working with them such as heightened sensitivities, gaining psychic abliity, heightened awareness and heightened dreams of a pyshic nature. and much more...



?When your with me I can feel your feelings and know presicely where your at on your spiritual jounrey. This is so I can fine tune your reading to fit your present state of awareness. Also I feel any illness in your body, emotions, mentations etc. This allows me to give you advice on how to heal it. 


Card Readings

Sometimes I will use Divination cards or Oracle cards to further gain insight into the matter. The cards never lie. they always reveal only the truth. 

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