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Dust mites are responsible for disrupting sleep patterns. Poor sleep quality is linked to poor air quality.

  • Dust mites are microscopic bugs and 60% of these bugs, within the home, reside and thrive within the mattress because of its ideal condition.
  • Dust mites feed off of the roughly 500 million dead skin cells that the average person sheds each night. After 10 years, the mattress weighs 5-10 lbs heavier.
  • Female dust mites reproduce at a rapid rate by laying eggs. A female dust mite lays about 40-80 eggs in its lifetime.
  • Worst of all, dust mites excrete (poop) in the mattress. These droppings contain the protein called guanine, which is known to trigger allergic reactions and asthma attacks.


Health Effects

If your mattress isn’t professionally treated for dust mites, you may experience these health related symptoms:

  1. Allergic asthma
  2. Hay fever
  3. Sneezing
  4. Stuffy nose, runny nose and nasal congestion
  5. Itchy nose, roof of mouth or throat
  6. Post nasal drip
  7. Snoring
  8. Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye (Itchy, red or watery eyes)
  9. Eczema
  10. Any other skin and respiratory related symptoms.


Washing and changing the sheets are not enough to protect from these microscopic critters. When moving around on the bed, the bed acts as a bellow, puffing these dust mites excretions up into the air affecting your quality of life.



We care about your quality sleep experience. Our mattress cleaning service has been done in Europe and Australia for almost three decades and is a part of their lifestyle.


Our two-phase process will help you get the sleep quality that you need.

  1. Our vacuum unit- the powerful suction combined with powerful vibration will dislodge debris from your mattress. The suction is so powerful that it penetrates deep into your mattress suctioning up dust mite droppings (guanine), dead skin cells, and other particulates.
  2. Sterilizer unit- Our powerful germicidal UVC booster will expose and kill dust mites, moulds, and other micro-organisms using ultraviolet radiation leaving your mattress sanitized. UV-C light is a widely used method in the medical industry to kill micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses, and dust mites, leaving your mattress smelling clean and fresh.


Stain Removal

Spot and stain removal- Our stain removal process removes urine stains, blood stains, spills, etc. leaving your mattress “Renewed.”

For best result, call us within 24 hours.

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