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Cathy Barry
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Oshawa, Ontario
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Running For Your Life is a Sports Performance Training Group offering serious and casual
athletes an active, healthy lifestyle that supports their athletic goals in a safe and
creative way. Working with age groups from young to adult, Running For Your Life
provides programs that focus on speed and strength strategies with an emphasis
on improving athlete's running mechanics. 

RUN & BE HEALTHY™ Ages 4-7

The Run & Be Healthy program introduces young children
to the activity of running and living a healthy lifestyle. The sessions will be held
in clinics and is comprised of games and fun activities related to running.

Speed PerformanceSPEED PERFORMANCE™ Ages 8-24

Let's be honest. How many athletes have been taught the correct
way to run? Imagine being able to increase your speed and strength by learning
the correct bio mechanics for running. You can jump higher, kick the ball further, and improve your overall physical ability for your sport. At Running For Your Life we use drills,strength training, speed strategies, and mechanical analysis to get each athlete performing at their optimized level.


Achieving Peak Performance and competing at a High Level is a skill set that doesn't happen over night. The Gazelle Track & Field Program is specifically designed to assist each athlete to develop their skills by teaching them the correct biomechanics, technique and mental strategies of Running, Field Events and Competition. 

One-on-One-fitness PERSONAL TRAINING

Designed especially for YOU and only You. One-on-One Personal Training is an experience where You and I get to the bottom of where you are and where you want to go concerning your fitness and health needs. From Meal Planning to Training Side By Side with You, the one-on-one package comes with all the bells and whistles! 

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