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Toronto Custom Countertops
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140 Milner Ave,
Unit 12, Scarborough,
Toronto, Ontario
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We strive to offer you, you our customers every possible solution through our employees, suppliers and materials to meet each individual needs. Customers have the option of cut and finish for our countertops. Cabinet companies, contractors and home owners can take advantage of having their countertops cut to their measurements and ready to install. We have a large showroom and very helpful staff to assist you in your style and color selection. We offer professional installation and deliveries. Our experienced staff can remove and dispose of the old countertops, install the new countertop and hook up the plumbing. Our mission is to provide excellent customers service, high quality products and competitive pricing.

Why should you buy from Toronto Custom Countertops?

  •  Superior quality
  •  If our granite breaks, we’ll replace it…we guarantee our granite against breakage for as long as you own your home
  •  All profile edges are put on with a computerized CNC machine
  •  Underside of all granite overhangs will feel smooth to the touch
  •  Re-inforce potential break points with stainless steel flat bar
  •  Rather than using glue, steel clips are inserted into the granite for bolting undermount sinks
  •  If a seam is needed, we try to put one through the sink, eliminating a seam through a work area
  •  Consistent and competitive pricing
  •  25 years in the granite industry
  •  Friendly, knowledgeable staff
  •  Largest manufacturer of granite in North America

We try to avoid the joins


Laminate Countertops

Laminate Countertops For over 25 years, we have been amongst the market leaders in post formed countertops. Today, you can choose from 15 different profiles, nearly 200 stock colors and finishes, or from hundreds of choices from any of the leading brands of laminate, and the result is breathtakingly beautiful countertops as individual as you are!
All Toronto Custom countertops are available in custom sizes and are constructed using industrial grade engineered board core. Craft Line countertops come cut to your exact measurements, so installation is fast and easy!
Quality assured factory fabrication fuses technology with fine craftsmanship, giving you the best finished countertop available. Best of all, we offer an industry leading 5 year limited warranty on our laminate countertops! Want us to look after it all? No Problem. We complete removal, installation and plumbing, and design services, so all you have to do is visit a dealer today!
What is Laminate?
Laminate is made by saturating sheets of decorative and core paper with resins, then under high heat and pressure, fusing the layers into a single sheet. Laminate sheets are then bonded, using special adhesives to plywood, fiberboard or particle board which gives the final product its strength and substance. All laminates are available in textured finishes which enhance significantly their abrasion resistance. In addition High Pressure Decorative Laminate will resist heat damage to temperatures up to 375ºF. Plastic laminates are incredibly stain resistant, far more so than other countertop materials such as natural granite. Most household stains can be easily removed by soap and water, and stubborn stains such as solvent based permanent marker can be removed using varsal or nail polish remover (acetone). All plastic laminates are available in 5’x12’ sheet size which enables most kitchen layouts to be manufactured without any mitre joints or seams. We offer the New Formica 180 fx laminates with Ogee Edge!

Granite Countertops

Granite Countertops Granite has enhanced kitchens and bathrooms for years and is more popular today than ever. When it comes to choosing granite, Toronto Customs Countertops offers the highest quality stone, people and design services.
With over 40 colors to choose from, when it comes to choosing who to purchase your granite kitchen or bathroom from, the choice is natural - Choose Toronto Customs Countertops.
Click here to view some of our samples. To see our entire selection of samples, please visit our Toronto Customs Countertops showroom.
Want us to look after it all? No Problem. We offer complete removal, installation and plumbing. All you have to do is visit our showroom today.


  •   100% natural stone.
  •   Scratch resistant
  •   Tan Brown
  •   Heat resistant
  •   Extremely hard
  •   Porous surface
  •   Each slab is unique with natural variations in colour, veining and characteristics
  •   Because of this uniqueness, the colour of your top may vary from the sample, and it is not always possible for it to be matched across a seam or corner area when installed
  •   Granite has the ability to reflect light differently and hence the same slab may appear different when viewed in different types of lighting or angles. 
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