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Janet Zdichavsky CNP
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Transition to Vegan/Vegetarian Nutrition Program with one cooking Class


Janet Zdichavsky, a Toronto Vegan Nutritionist, can help you make a healthy gradual transition to Vegan/Vegetarian and constructive adaption to a healthier diet. Too often those choosing to make the change thinking they are making a healthy choice but do it abruptly and can experience a disarming shock as the body needs time to re-gear itself to a different food supply. The transition should be gradual.  The Vegan/Vegetarian diet is also a very healthy diet when the food is properly and thoughtfully combined  but in reality many vegetarians do not know how to do this and have very unbalanced diets.


Vegan/Vegetarian Cooking Class


Walnut Lentil Loaf

In many cases animal products are removed and replaced with heavily processed meat substitutes  or refined carbohydrates and bread and pastas instead of quality sources of protein. Making poor choices can lead to deficiencies, digestive disorders, blood sugar imbalances, weight gain or more serious problems.


In this program the transition takes place over an 8 week period in three phases.. In each phase you will remove  a type of protein, reduce other foods and add healthy protein choices and other foods to complete a healthy balance in your nutrition plan.


The final class is a cooking class with a nutritionist and an accomplished vegetarian cook. Over the 8 week period you will become quite familiar with vegetarian foods and receive recipes for many vegetarian meals and snacks..

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