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As a second generation specialty weaver I have been weaving chairs since 1986. My mother who was a rehabilitation teacher for the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) used to hand cane chairs for vacation money. One day she asked for my help weaving a chair which as a teenager I happily did for a small fee. I really enjoyed weaving the chair and thought I could learn the craft and make a bit of spending money. Back in those days we didn't have websites, e-mail and the good old internet so I made up an informational flyer, photocopied it at the local library, put on a business suit and took the city transit to all the refinishing shops in Calgary, Alberta to introduce my weaving business Caning Calgary. Many of the refinishing shops in Calgary took me under their wings giving me a shot.
Hand Cane - Traditional Seven Step Hand Caning (with drilled holes)
Holes are drilled around the perimeter of the chair frame and individual strands of cane are hand woven through the series of drilled holes. Hand cane weaving is becoming a lost art performed by only a few craft people in Canada. A simple chair can take 20 hours to re-weave, the average chair or panel takes between 15-40 hours to weave. Other names used for hand caning include strand cane, lace caning, traditional caning, hole to hole caning and natural strand caning.
Pre Woven Cane
Pre-woven sheet cane is set into a routed out groove on the top side of chair, held in place with a reed spline, no holes drilled in framework. Pre-woven cane comes in many different patterns and gauges. Caning Calgary stocks 3/8" Open Mesh 1/2" Open Mesh 3/4" Open Mesh 1" Open Mesh Fine Radio Weave Medium Radio Weave Photos can be found within the Pre Woven Cane photo album. Other names for Pre woven cane include cane webbing, pressed cane, pressed-in cane, machine cane, sheet cane and spline cane.
Hand Cane, Blind Hand Cane / French Cane & Double Cane
Hand Cane - Traditional Seven Step Hand Caning (with drilled holes) Blind Caning / French Caning is when the holes of a hand caned chair do not go all the way through the chair frame. Each individual strand of cane is cut to size, woven and then glued into the holes. Holes are then pegged to provide the finished piece. Double Sided Caning is when both sides of the chair frame is caned. Double caned surfaces are also usually blind caned as well. Both blind/French caning and double sided cane are extremely labour intensive. This settee has a hand caned seat, French/Blind double sided caned arms and a blind caned back. It was lovely when complete.
Hand Caned Hanging Medallion with Sunshine Pattern
Hanging medallions can be woven in a sunrise pattern or using the seven step hand cane method. This project consisted of a three seater settee with three hanging medallions on the backrest and two arm chairs with hanging medallions. The backs of all pieces were completed in the Sunrise pattern and the arms were completed in the standard seven step hand cane method.
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