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Transformational Life Coach and Healer, guiding you to your magnificence. Remove all your blocks, fears, and insecurities. Make your dream a reality today
Christine Golnoosh Ebadi NLP, HC, CHP, HEP is passionate about people and humanity as a whole. At the age of five she made a promise to save the world, bring equality to all, and make sure no child ever starves again. She spent the rest of her childhood and young teenage years as a competitive gymnast, never forgetting the promise, which resonated through her soul. As an adult, Christine moved on to pursue her on going career in the film and television industry as a Stunt Woman. A list of her performances can be found on the Internet Movie Data Base here. In 2012 Christine founded Earth Reform, a non-profit organization, dedicated to improving life on earth, and spreading awareness on social, political and environmental issues not commonly spoken about in mainstream media. Fueled by her promise as a child, and recognizing that no one person can save the world, but rather a collective effort will bring positive change, she did her part in hosting events and volunteering at various non-profit functions, amongst other things. In 2012 Earth Reform co-hosted an event with Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks. She believes that many share her promise and seek change. In the more recent years Christine came to the realization that the real change starts with individual people. With each life that transforms, it sends ripple effects through the world. The Butterfly Effect of Magnificence. “I believe all humans are magnificent beings, we just need to dust off the debris holding us back from thriving.” As a licensed coach, a clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, and healer, Christine now strives to transform one life at a time. She uses NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Time Line™ Therapy Techniques, Quantum Linguistics, and Hypnosis, along with other types of energy healing to remove all negative emotions we store in our subconscious/unconscious mind, repressed throughout our entire lifetime. She targets your limiting beliefs and decisions and eliminates them. She removes all your blocks until you are a clean slate and coaches you into the magnificence that you are. She will guide you to make your dreams a reality today.
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Transformational Coaching and Integrated Healing
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