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Our mission is to give a complete life changing experience to our clients and provide an affective weight loss treatment. It includes precise body examination based on TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) theory and long years of clinical & medical scientific experience. In this program we use acupuncture (without needle), fire cupping, life style consultation, and most advanced devise Cavi-FR Ultrasonic Cavitation Body Contouring Treatment (Ranked as No.1 slimming method in Japan) to effectively target the body fat accumulated areas. As a root solution, our target is to increase body metabolism and reduce obesity related body problems.
Naila Gaber, MD, Ph.D., Dip-Acu Dr. Naila Gaber has long years of extensive clinical research and medical experience in different countries in the area of hematology, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases. She obtained her Ph.D. degree in medical science from Japan, where she conducted advanced research and published number of scientific papers in the area of human cell and biology. She graduated from medical university in China and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) colleges in Canada where she has strong foundation and clinical knowledge to understand and diagnose the root of human diseases using eastern and western medical concepts. She has professional treatment skills and communication techniques to provide highest care to patients.
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