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This subject will offer the student comprehensive view of soil, plant and animal sciences that would make them aware of the inter-linkages between these subjects.This linkage between the soil, plant and animal systems would form the basis for making viable and ecological approaches to the production of food and fiber and realize the importance of sustained agricultural systems on humanity and the environment.
Anthropology is the study of humans. In the broadest approach it is the study of how humans evolved from earlier life forms, how they behave and adapt to different environments, how they socialise and how they communicate. Anthropology has several sub divisions like biological anthropology, cultural anthropology, linguistic anthropology and archaeology. Cultural anthropology focuses on an understanding the way people live in different societies or cultures around the world. Biological anthropology mainly deals with study of human evolution and how humans adapt to different environments. Cultural anthropology deals with human culture including social, political, economic, and ideological facets. Archaeology mainly deals with study of the past cultures and life style of humans through recovery and study of materials made by earlier human societies. Linguistic anthropology is the study of language structure, how it changed over time and the use of language in various societies.
Art History is not so much about the practical painting or other art lessons, but explores the evolution of art through the ages. For instance, in an undergraduate course, the course could trace the evolution and aspects of the Ancient World through the Prehistoric Art Course. At the postgraduate level, the history of art is traced from the period of the Renaissance up to the present times. A Master’s course in the History of Art would allow the student to delve into an assortment of art belonging to different historical periods using various critical approaches to the subject. The structure of this course is more flexible than the other two courses.
Auditing is the process of reviewing and investigating different aspect of a business, whether financial or nonfinancial. Auditing mainly deals with objective examination and evaluation of the financial statements of an organization to make sure that the records are a fair and accurate representation of the transactions they claim to represent. It can be done internally by employees of the organization, or externally by an outside firm. Internal auditors are employed by the company or organization and they provide information to the board, managers, and other stakeholders on the accuracy of their books and the efficacy of their internal systems. An external audit is an independent examination of the financial statements prepared by the organisation. The main responsibility of external audit is to perform the annual statutory audit of the financial accounts, providing an opinion on whether they are a true and fair reflection of the company’s financial position.
The foundation of the course in Computer Science would include study of areas in mathematics, logic, programming, microprocessors, telecommunications, information management, electronics and the role of computers in society. As the subject is vast there will be opportunity to select modules that pertain to the particular interests and goals of the student.
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