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Here at SlyFox we think about your advertising goals before we start any type of design or implementation. Why? Because reaching people is what creating a site is all about. By knowing ahead of time the “who, what, why, when, and where,” we can then discover exactly "how" we can most effectively reach your ideal customer!

Search Engine META Data
One of the cornerstones of drawing traffic to your site is the use of proper META Data. Coding the site in HTML5 is the preferred format for Google, although it is still possible to tag all websites properly. This is absolutely vital to every part of the campaign so that people who are searching for you will be more likely to find you based on the information we will provide to the search engines. This will also allow for paid search ads to work effectively and put your information in front of people for little or no cost. If you have a site with no META Data, you are in a bad situation.

Search Engine Ads
Search is usually the best way to capture the immediate sales you will need to fund for a more lucrative, long-term strategy. This will at least present your product to a large percentage of people in the Action phase AIDA Marketing which, in all desirably presented and priced products/services, capture a percentage of those potential sales and proving that the product can survive on its own in a balanced digital marketplace.

Refining Search Based on Conversion Metrics
By setting up an Analytics account and tying your advertising accounts to it, we are able to accurately measure what channels of your campaigns are generating revenue. This information is the single most important thing a marketer can gather in the early stages to understand how people in aggregate react to different messages. This information will drastically reduce the cost of search campaigns and can also be used to improve on existing and future communication.

Ideas, personality, opinion, and hundreds of other factors go into what you are writing. Depending on who you are, what you are talking about, and what goals you have for your content, blogging can be one of the most profitable resources available. When you place entertaining, significant, and strategically written material on the internet, you are guaranteed to further your cause. Search engines appreciate popular and relevant written copy first and foremost. In addition to attracting search engine traffic with your content you are also more thoroughly telling your visitors what you are all about, entertaining them, and showing off your brand communication style.

Video Communication
Today’s most popular form of communication is video. We’re actually really surprised how long it has taken video to dominate the internet. Let’s face it, there is no better way to get a message across than with video. This does not mean that you can put up sites featuring video only. If you can get someone to click your video and watch it than yes, it is the most effective way. But, how many times have you clicked a video with no written or visual introduction letting you know what you’re about to watch? If you have, than you are definitely the exception to the rule. People, for the most part, hate to be interrupted with surprise video, especially if there is sound.

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