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Want to prevent water from traveling back into your property? Backwater Valve Installation in Toronto area is a good idea. Loss of personal property or Basement Flooding may become a reality in bad weather if your house is not protected. Agree, there is a huge difference between a dry, Clean Basement and the one that is Flooded.

People living in Toronto and GTA often experience Sewer Backflow Problem.  Heavy rainfall often causes the Backflow of Sewer Water. As a result people have Flooded Basement and Damaged Property. Is it possible to prevent this from happening? Yes it is, in case you will Install Backwater Valve Outside or Inside.


This simple but efficient devise becomes a necessity when it comes to house protection. Most houses especially old ones are at a great risk of Basement Flooding, which is often a very traumatic and costly experience. Backwater Valve is a great device that can prevent sewer water backflow in your drains.


TPG service - Backwater Valve Installation Toronto

Honest customer service, quality work, hard-working and skilled plumbers is our primary focus to provide you with service you can rely on. Call us now (416) 857-3930 and we easily fix the problem you have.


Our plumbers experts will prepare the permit for Backwater Valve Installation and Install the Device in a short time. What’s more, we provide all our clients with important info on Subsidy that you can easily take advantage of. There is a great Subsidy Program in Toronto & GTA that gives homeowners an amazing opportunity to get a large subsidy on your property when replacing or installing:

  • Back Water Valve;
  • Sump Pumps;
  • other devices to prevent water damage.

Are you a busy person? Don’t worry our plumbers will come to your house on time and at a time that is suitable for you.


Inspection and maintenance Install Backwater Valve

Not only our plumbers Install Backwater Valve but they can also help clients in Inspection and Maintenance of the Valve. If you require this service, we can efficiently maintain your backwater valve as well as clean it out to make sure that no debris are present there. Remember an annual inspection of Backwater Valve is Recommended.


Being knowledgeable and responsive our plumbers will consider your location and see whether your house needs Backwater Valve Installation or not.  We also provide additional helpful Basement Waterproofing Services for our clients. Remember your problems are our problems.

Installing a Backflow Valve is something that mainly depends on how flood-prone your home is. To be more precise, Backwater Valve, also called Backflow Valve, is a self-operating valve that is installed directly on the main sewer drainage pipe, and prevents Sewer Drains from traveling back into your home and Flooding your Basement.

Contact us now (416) 857-3930 for a Free Estimate!


It’s a one way or direction valve, meaning that if it installed & maintained properly, then it will prevent any reversal water flow by closing itself. But if Backflow Valve is installed improperly (by someone who doesn’t have knowledge and skills on how to do that), then it can lead to many damages to your pipes and property. That’s why it’s always better to hire a professional to knows the drill, then do it by yourself and mass it up. But even if you don’t have the required knowledge, but have the skills and the feeling that you can install it by your own power, follow the necessary Backflow Valves Installation in Toronto (GTA), Mississauga instructions (applies to any Backflow Valve type):

  • prepare connecting pipe (cut the ends square, deburr and bevel);
  • orient valve;
  • solvent cement valve end to the drain pipe (make sure that solvent cement doesn`t contact with the flap assembly’s internal body);
  • install the flap assembly;
  • verify free operation and flap seating;
  • install access cap.


We also perform all related maintenance work, Repair and Replacement of the Sewer Backflow Valve, Basement Waterproofing and All Drain Services in Toronto (GTA) and Mississauga at affordable prices!

We work in Toronto, Oakville, Mississauga, Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough, Vaughan, ThornHill.

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