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54 Citadel Mesa Close NW Calgary AB,
54 Citadel Mesa Close NW Calgary AB,
Calgary, Alberta T2J 4B7
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The packages include;

Cleaning of Furnace, along with cleaning of its parts like Motor, Coil; Grill, Fan, Chimney and Sensitive Switches;

Cleaning of Hot Water Tank, including Drainage of Dirty Water, Cleaning of Connected Rod and Chimney (Optional);

Main basement lines (Both input and output) cleaning (as it is the major part of the Heating Ventilation System);

Sanitization (to kill germs in your Heating Ventilation System).

 Before applying pressure guns, Whip Rotator (Brush) will be applied on each and every vent to clean them in proper way.


To suck up the whole dust through the main basement line, we have highly mounted truck with 56 HP;

Pressure Gun will be applied (with 300 PSI (Pound Pressure Per Square Inch))With suction power 15,000 cfm;


 The equipment is heat steel based. We promise the quality service, and have highly mounted big truck (6 Wheeler) and you will have complete quality assurance. We have provided the same services to a lot of customers with modern machinery and equipment to get rid of the indoor pollution of their houses, which have protected them and their families with various kinds of allergies and breathing problems.



Remember, whatever in the Ducts, is ultimately in your lungs.




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