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Perhaps some of the most effective ways to get your product or service in front of people, at a low cost, is through online promotions. Why? Because coupons, incentives, commissions and contests can earn you advocates and affiliates. There are any number of people locally, and over a million globally, who market other people’s products online. Let’s take our friends over at for example. Anyone can simply list their contest or coupon online with their site and receive referral traffic without any external cost. Red Flag Deals is one of the bigger industry names in Canada but there are hundreds of thousands of others involved. From Faceboook groups, to bloggers, to forum moderators, to strategic partners, putting deals on the table incentivises others to get involved.


One of our favorite techniques is to create customized affiliate links which resellers can generate right on your site. By taking this link your affiliate can now do commission sales for you. Your affiliate can distribute the link to their contacts and get verification about any transactions or contacts you receive through their activities.

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