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If your attitude to your plumbing system is like “out of sight, out of mind”, you are terribly mistaken and soon your Sewer Pipes will scream to you. Whether you live in an apartment or in a private house, you’ve certainly come across Plumbing Problems at least once. There is no need to say that the situation can turn into a real catastrophe especially if you don’t know how to manage it. Toronto Plumbing Group provides closed circuit television inspection for Pipeline and Drain Inspection. It allows operators to monitor pipes and get problems such as cracks, obstructions, breaks and sags without costly bills or dewatering. The procedure is possible for all kinds of pipes including plastic, concrete, metal etc. Toronto Plumbing Group experts know for sure how to deal in this or that situation. But sometimes even the most professional specialists with lots of experience years get bewildered and aren’t sure what exactly the reason for the clog or flood became. It is reasonable to use a CCTV Camera (Drain Camera) for these situations to find out where the problem is.


A CCTV Camera (Sewer Camera) is a specially designed device to make plumbers’ life easier. It contains a small camera which can enter any drain or sewer pipe for diagnosing the problem. It is also attached with a cord to a flat screen which allows plumbers to see the situation without getting dirty. It can get into pipes of any diameter. It is able to rotate and navigate through any difficulties like roots, tiny objects etc. It allows plumbers realize the depth and the exact location of the blockage.


After that the client can have a DVD with his or her pipes filmed for further exploitation. After that the contractors discuss the best appropriate solution with the client. Sometimes more than one procedure is necessary and it is quite expensive. One inspection session will cost you about $150 and if it takes several procedures the bill can come up to $500. That’s costly. If you want to save your time and money, we offer you a special proposal.


How to Get a Free CCTV

It sounds unreal but it is possible. Our beloved clients can get a special discount providing that they will continue cooperation with our company in the future. What we mean is that TPG contractors provide you with a Free CCTV Inspection (or several if necessary) if all the future repairs will be fulfilled by them. The inspection costs won’t be included in the bill afterwards. If you decide just to check what your problem is and not to use our repair works you’ll have to pay for the inspection only. Phone today (416-857-3930) to get your free CCTV inspection (Free Drain and Sewer Camera inspection)!!!


Can I Do Without a CCTV?

It is one of the most frequent questions asked by our clients. Surely, you can but this modern technology allows specialists to do their job properly without any mistakes. It is the only option which doesn’t leave hesitations and you can be sure that the works will be done according to the situation. Sometimes this procedure also helps prevent other pipes faults which can’t be seen yet and all the necessary works are done like pipes replacements, drain unclogs, sewer clearing up, reinstallation etc.

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