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Gregory Novak
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There are some ALARMING and unprecedented circumstances currently unfolding in the North American business market which are set to SEVERELY DEVALUE SMALL BUSINESSES and directly impact small business owners. Did you know that 70% of small business owners are getting ready to retire over the next ten years? Do you know what that means for your business? 

Please join us for a FREE one-hour information seminar over lunch or after hours on safeguarding the wealth locked in your business, covering the following topics: 

1. Understanding business valuation *from a BUYER'S perspective* 
(Forget all that complicated stuff you may have read, let’s get down to the basics!) 

2. What are the projected market conditions for selling a business? 
(Timing is everything! Let’s talk about the incredible boomer-preneur selloff and what it means to you.) 

3. How long would it take to sell my business? 
(Did you know it could take as long as ten years before you cash your final cheque?) 

4. How can I improve the value of my business today so I can get the best price when I am ready to sell? 
(Let’s talk about putting more money in YOUR pocket!) 

5. When I am ready to sell, what is my next step? 
Don't feel overwhelmed - 50% of business owners don't know how or where to begin the transition process. 


We have helped 139 Calgary families transition their businesses over the past 15 years, and have an extremely deep insight into past, current, and future market conditions that WILL be impacting the value of your business. 

We are happy to deliver this information to you in a complimentary session. Why free? Because we have learned over the years that our best marketing strategy is to simply provide this valuable information to folks just like yourself - hard-working business owners in an effort to build relationships. Our hope is simply that when the need arises for our type of services, you will think of us. 

We are entrepreneurs just like you, and we know what matters. We've been tied into the Alberta business community for over 15 years. Call today and join us for lunch. You'll be glad you did!
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