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Fume Scrubber

Our Fume Scrubber works with minimum of 30 PSI scrubber reagent inlet pressure and has an all plastic acid and alkali resistance construction.

The benchtop stand to sit on is included in our Fume Scrubber and it connects to hoods and instruments using 5” ID flexible tubing.

It comes with water flow regulator and in-line pressure regulator and has flow drop of around 40% @ 2,400 ft/min and a Gravity drain outlet for scrubbing effluent.


Exhaust Blower

When connected, Questron’s Exhaust Blower provides a minimum of 95 L/s (200 CFM) of air draw from the exhaust port of Vulcan workstation. This is needed when an external source of exhaust draw is not available at the installation site. However, if you have a ready source of acid resistant fume draw capability available on site, then this Automated Laboratory Equipment may be used instead of the Questron exhaust blower. An acid resistant flexible hose of 12.7 cm (5 inch) diameter is connected to the output port of the blower, the other end of which will discharge the exhaust contents into laboratory exhaust outlet point (such as a fume hood or another fume discharge port).


Reagent Storage Cabinet

Our Reagent Storage Cabinet provides a convenient and safe means of storing the reagent bottles that supply various reagents to Vulcan workstation. Up to 6 x 2.5 liters bottles of reagents can be stored in one layer inside this cabinet. This cabinet is made out of corrosion-resistant material and is designed to catch spillage, if any. It is normally placed beside the electronics bay of Vulcan workstation and can have 6 x Teflon reagent tubes entering it through 6 x inlets. These reagent tubes carry the reagents to the acid dispense port of the workstation.

Automated Laboratory Equipment can also be coupled with the Vulcan exhaust manifold by connecting one end of a 16mm (5/8˝) OD vinyl tube (provided) to fume outlet, and the other end to the fume inlet on the Vulcan exhaust manifold for easy removal of reagent fumes.

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