Lymphatic drainage and detoxification services using LED

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Debbie Latcha
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Kosh Wellness provides lymphatic drainage and detoxification services using LED (light emitting diodes) proprietary technology, nutrition, proprietary emotional clearing techniques and exercises to efficiently and quickly remove protein blockages both at the surface and deep within the tissues and linings of the organs. Surface lymph arteries account for 70% and are close to the surface of the body while 30% are deep within the linings and tissues of our organs.


Our program can reduce the healing time by 50% or more when used consistently and is customized to meet individual needs of our clients. In practice, our technique is simple and effective. Results are always evident from the very first application.


Quantum physics has opened the way for understanding that everything is energy. We now understand that toxicity on any level - physical, mental or emotional - causes energy blockages responsible for disease and aging. We know that the body has the wisdom to heal itself and knowing how to assist the body in its healing process is the key to well-being. Our system is based on quantum physics and a thorough knowledge of the lymphatic system.


This proprietary technology was created specifically for cleansing the lymphatic system. It is applied to the entire system to also provide the proper balance for potassium (inside cells) and sodium (outside cells), feed the cells with oxygen, nutrients, and hormones and strengthen the immune system.


LED releases energy in the form of photons (units of light). The color of the light corresponds to the energy of the photon. It also releases energy in the form of wavelengths of light that stimulate cells to promote healing. The frequency used is non-invasive.


Bio-photonic LED technology works in conjunction with every other traditional or alternative healing modalities, since they all aim to strengthen the immune system.

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