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Fitness Training begins with a plan


Your Personal training classes will inspire you to focus on general fitness and reach a new level of health. Leigh Carter’s training sessions may include:

  • performance& cross training
  • body-weight exercises
  • basic strength training
  • kettlebells
  • rowing
  • running
  • jump rope
  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • Boxing training
  • Agility training
  • Plyometric training
  • Bike training

These classes are adaptable to different fitness levels and great for those looking to change up their routine, increase performance, or change body composition. Come experience the benefits of personal training with a trainer who will design a specialized program for your overall fitness needs.






Your Health and Fitness

If you are wanting to stay in shape and look your best then consider the benefits of a regular training schedule. If you are trying to lose weight, improve your overall fitness, training for sports or just looking for more energy and endurance to keep up with your kids you should consider a Personal training class with Leigh Carter.


Call us to learn more about our Kettlebell classes for core strength and overall fitness.


Getting into shape and staying in shape are essential ingredients for a happy and productive life. Women who work out regularly have a better outlook on life, have healthier skin, more energy and better relationships. Being fit helps to manage stress and increases your overall well being and longevity.


Time to hit the weights

Despite study after study supporting the benefits of strength training, many women still opt for cardio over weight training. Maybe they’re worried about “bulking up.” Women have seen a few too many beefy men grunting it out in the weight room and fear that if they pick up a dumbbell, they’ll suddenly start to resemble a linebacker, too. However women have far to much estrogen in their hormonal makeup for this to be likely.

The benefits of a correctly implemented strength routine for women are endless, here are a few to get you started !


1. Your metabolism will soar
As women age, they naturally lose muscle mass. This causes your metabolism to slow, which means you could start building a spare tire by the time you reach your 30s. “When you do weight-bearing exercises, you start revving up your metabolism—and it keeps burning for many hours after your workout.


2. You’ll you burn fat
Muscle tissue is more “active” than fat tissue, with each pound burning about 30 calories a day just to sustain itself. So even if you’re sitting on the couch or are stuck at your desk for eight hours a day, the extra muscle mass you develop will burn more calories, helping you keep weight off for good.


3. Your body will get tighter
While cardio is important and will help melt fat, weights sculpt your body, creating curves and definition right where you want it. They also help fight the effects of gravity, making you much less likely to have arm jiggle in your upper arms.


4. You’ll fit into your skinny jeans
One pound of fat takes up much more space than one pound of muscle. So even though muscle weighs more, what do you want all over your body? Something that’s bulky, like body fat, or something that’s lean, and takes up less space, like muscle?


5. You’ll reduce your risk of heart disease and diabetes
Curbing age-related muscles loss isn’t just good for your looks; it can protect your heart and help ward off type 2 diabetes, too. Muscle helps remove glucose and triglycerides from the bloodstream, which reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes, as well as hardening of the arteries.


6. Your blood pressure could drop
Strength training lowers blood pressure for 10 to 12 hours after each session, which gives your heart a break. How strength training does this is not completely understood, but it probably has subtle effects on everything from hormones to nervous system regulation.


7. You can do it anytime, anywhere
You don’t need a lot of space or a lot of special equipment to get a great strength workout. Simply using your own bodyweight through the use of pushups, planks, chair dips, squats, and pull-ups is enough to tone and strengthen your entire body.


8. You’ll blast loads of calories
Plyometric strength moves (think squat jumps and burpees) and kettlebell workouts skyrocket your heart rate, which boosts the calorie burn of regular strength training routines. These types of workouts give you cardio, strength, and sculpting all in one, which is a great timesaver.


9. It’s good for your bones
Strength training is one of the 12 best ways to break-proof your bones. Lifting weights can help counteract age-related bone loss. Strengthening your muscles also improves balance and keeps you as strong as possible which lowers your chances of a fall-related fracture.


10. Smooths your cellulite
Unlike creams that are all talk, daily cardio combined with two to three strength training sessions can help diminish the appearance of cellulite.


The list could go on forever so why not start strength training today ?

We are available for one on one fitness training sessions in your home or at our facility.

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