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Physiotherapy is an integral part of our health care system. Physiotherapists (PT) are regulated health care professionals governed by The College of Physiotherapist of Ontario (CPO). They are highly trained and skilled at assessing mechanical and neurological injuries, and identifying the root cause of a person’s pain and dysfunction. PT’s employ a specific array of treatment options for each patient that may involve Manual Therapy, Exercise Prescription, Therapeutic Modalities and Injury Education/Prevention.


At Matrix Physiotherapy, we are in the business of helping people reach their maximum potential. From acute injury to chronic ailments, we strongly believe each individual deserves the best possible rehabilitation for his or her problem, and this has become one of the reasons why we are a leader in physiotherapy in Toronto. Our difference is in the way we make individual attention and professional service the cornerstone of our approach to best provide you with the treatment and education you need to build, as well as maintain, a strong and healthy lifestyle.

Our comprehensive method of care integrates orthopedic manual therapy with a holistic approach to achieve long-term wellness. With additional specialties in massage and heat treatment, our unique perspective is sought out by a wide spectrum of patients, including those recovering from acute injury, those managing chronic conditions, and those seeking improved physical performance. Our mission statement is always to help each patient achieve wellbeing and optimal health through personalized, quality care.

Care at Matrix Physiotherapy is grounded in orthopedic manual physical therapy, the art and science of utilizing the highly skilled, specific hands-on techniques to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal injuries. This hands-on approach is also applied to post-operative care and rehabilitation. Our treatment sessions are all one-on-one with a skilled physiotherapist so each patient is treated individually and holistically. As part of treatment, patients are guided in performing detailed therapeutic exercises that are customized to meet their goals with physical therapy. Motor control, pattern of recruitment, and timing of recruitment are all paid special attention in order to retrain and rebalance movement patterns that often produce pain and disability. Therapeutic exercises are designed to improve strength, stabilization, range-of-motion, balance, and overall elite level functional performance.


We are not only results-oriented, but also aim to make your entire rehabilitation experience with us as comfortable and enjoyable as it can be all throughout. From your first encounter with our friendly, helpful reception to your appointments with our practitioners, each and every member of our professional Toronto Physiotherapy team is dedicated to making your experience with us a pleasant one. In addition to maintaining industry credentials, our dedication to continuing education ensures our professionals remain educated on the most cutting edge techniques and developments in the field of physiotherapy.



Our experienced physiotherapists deliver expert hands-on techniques as part of every patient’s treatment regime. This may involve the correction soft tissue abnormalities such as releasing tightened musculature, stretching shortened tendons/ligaments, or breaking post-operative scar tissue formation. Other techniques involve manual mobilization or manipulation (if required) of stiff joints which have loss normal mobility from lack of use or a period of immobilization such as joint casting. Specific techniques can also be employed to treat nerve related disorders.



Patients are always actively involved at every stage of recovery through specific clinic or home based exercises. The goals of the exercise programs are to restore Joint range of motion and muscle flexibility, regain functional strength & stamina, or to enhance activity or sport-specific movement patterns or skills. We wish to empower the patients to return to their active lifestyle safely and to their pre-injury level of performance.



Certain supplementary treatment agents may be used as part of the treatment program such as Heat/Cold, Interferential Current (IFC), Transcutaneous Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation (TENS), Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES), Therapeutic Ultrasound or Acupuncture. These modalities can aid in pain management, control inflammation/swelling, improve circulation, break scar tissue and promote damaged tissue repair.



Our physiotherapist will ensure that each patient fully understands their injury or impairment throughout the rehab process. We feel that through understanding and awareness, patients become more engaged in their own recovery. It is also important for patients to know their physical limitations and the activities to avoid so that recovery is not delayed. Postural awareness and proper home/workspace ergonomics are often important factors to address as part of the rehab process.

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