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The James App Is Quite Easy To Use Web Application That Helps Us In Selecting Best Toronto Mortgage Brokers In Our Preferred Location. This Application Has Been Perfectly Designed To Store All The Important Details Of The Client As Well As The Service Provider. So, It Acts As A Bridge Between The Two Parties And Helps Them To Communicate With Each Other. We Can Say That People Build Their Trust On Us And Without Giving A Second Thought, They Make Use Of Our Application To Seek An Exceptional Help From Our Resource. Their Trust Is Our Strength.



We conducted a research study in 2014, comparing the mortgage rates that home buyers received with the sophistication level of the home buyer.

We weren't at all surprised to find, that the more sophisticated the home buyer was; which means they compared more mortgage rates, did more research, had more contacts in the mortgage industry, and spent more time negotiating — the lower the mortgage rate they received.

We find this disappointing. Getting a mortgage is a commoditized, vanilla-manilla, standard process — there shouldn't be any tricks to it. After some investigation, we found that mortgage brokers get more commissions and bonus, and the banks make more money, when your rate is higher. So they use marketing and negotiation as tools to keep your rate high. Yes, a mortgage broker will tell you "this is the best rate I can get you", but if they used James and had more clients — they could afford to lower their commission, still make a living and give you the better rate.


We created James, to cut out the fat in the mortgage industry.


Our goal is to get you the same mortgage rate that mortgage brokers get for themselves. Too many people, are making far too much money, by keeping your mortgage rate high. We strongly feel that leveling the playing field and getting rid of the stacked decks is the right thing to do. Getting a mortgage shouldn't feel like hitting the casino floor in Las Vegas.


Every broker in James' private network must provide each client with the best rate possible — and the best rate, is the lowest possible rate that a lender is willing to provide once the commissions and bonuses are trimmed down to the maximum allowable level. No other organization in the mortgage industry has this mandate, and for good reason; it would slice the brokers pay cheques to bits. Our study found that in most mortgage transactions, the broker and the bank play a cat and mouse game with you, in an attempt to maximize the interest rate while keeping it just low enough that you become a client. Our boiler plate policy is clear — the rate that is typically reserved for the most sophisticated mortgage shoppers, with the most shrewd negotiation tactics and the best contacts — is the same rate every James client receives.

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