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Protect your investment:

Factors such as moisture, high humidity, winter road salt and other airborne pollutants can start deteriorating it the day it rolls off the assembly line.

Besides cosmetic damage, corrosion also weakens a vehicle's structural integrity and can affect steering and suspension components.

That's why it makes sense to join the thousands of motorist who have protected their investment with time tested and proven annual Rust Check treatments.

Rust check delivers peace of mind for just pennies a day!

Why Rust Check:

Rust check creeps into the seams and crevices where salt and moisture settle, driving them off and away from the metal surfaces of your vehicles.

Rust Check ...


-Has a unique penetrating ability

-Environmentally friendly

-Helps eliminate squeaks and rattles

-Dispels water

Proven reputation for total protection and actually enhances the resale value!

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