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Sump pump is a special suction pump that removes liquid or waste from a sump pit (a tank receiving clear liquid wastes that do not contain any organic material exposed to decomposition. It’s a relatively inexpensive but rather effective solution to keeping liquid from accumulating in any low area of your house, such as basement or crawl space. Sump Pump Installation in a crawl space may be a little bit challenged because of pretty tight quarters, but buying and installing a compact sump pump will help you prevent any occasional flood problems. So, what sump pump type is better to choose and, most important, How to Install Sump Pump?


The market provides a choice between two general sump pumps types, submersible & pedestal, and if you’ve made your choice concerning the type and self-installation, follow the necessary instructions:

  • choose a location, where water may tend to collect;
  • dig a pit (a hole 6 inches deeper & 10 inches wider than the sump pump) and place 3 inches of gravel in its bottom;
  • place the sump pump add pour more gravel around it (leave some of the sump pump’s top exposed);
  • attach the adapters & install a check valve;
  • run the PVC pipe through the wall hole and seal using silicon;
  • spread the water flow out;
  • cover the sump.


If you think you don’t know how to Install Sump Pump, you can always refer to Sump Pump Installation vide. If you think you can’t manage this task by your own power, you can always hire a professional, but the cost of Sump Pump Installation will be about $2,000.

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