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Heather Green
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Edmonton, Alberta T7Z 0B2
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Your company wants to address their safety needs and become COR/SECOR compliant. But times are tough, right?  Safety Consultants offering manuals for sale and their services are just too expensive!!

I am a Gold Seal Certified Safety Professional with 15+ years experience.   I believe safety is every person's right and every company’s responsibility.  It should never be considered a ‘nice to have’ by a company when they are already struggling in these ‘belt tightening times’.   Or ‘we’ll put it in the Budget when things start moving again’.  With your employees safety and your company reputation at stake, you cannot afford to wait.  You need to address your safety issues NOW.  That is why I am offering the initial 13 COR/SECOR compliant Safety Manual to your company for $29.95. That's right...$29.95. And to ensure this manual meets your needs, I am offering a free 1 hour consultation to get your company moving towards the safety requirements of the COR/SECOR audits.

I can also provide all other Safety documentation required, identify your job hazards and help to develop your program, but let's see what you need first. Start to Think Affordable Safety.

Send me an email with your Company's name and phone number. I will get back to you within 24 hours.

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