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Edmonton Tree & Shrub Planting

At Alberta Arborists we can help you enhance the beauty and aesthetic value of your property. We will determine the right tree and shrub species to match your needs. By selecting the right tree for the right location, we can help you ensure that your plant material will have a better chance in  living a long and healthy life.


We have specialized equipment which aids us in planting large, nursery calper sized trees in remote locations.


Please note: The best time to plant trees and shrubs is during the spring or fall season.

Deep Root Fertilization

Soils lacking elements vital to a tree’s health can cause severe deficiencies in trees and can leave the tree vulnerable to pests and diseases. Root zone fertilzation can help replenish some of these vital elements.


Alberta Arborists only uses top quality, low salt index fertilizers which prevent root burn. Our soil injection of fertilizer and water is applied by pressurized injection into the root zones of your trees and shrubs. This method of application relieves soil compaction by aerating the soil, allowing for better root growth and the absorption of water, nutrients and oxygen. It will help reduce the severity of drought injury and allow your trees and shrubs to recover more rapidly.


Disease & Insect Diagnosis

While Alberta Arborists prefers not to use pesticides for the treatment of diseases or insect infestations. We can professinally diagnosis your trees pest and disease problems and then recommend the appropriate course of action required. If the use of pesticides are still needed, we can refer you to a local licensed company that can provide you with this service.


Insect infestation and diseases in trees and shrubs are problems that are most commonly treated with chemicals. However, the infestation of pests or diseases is typically a symptom of something larger. The health of the tree and its ability to defend itself from infestation are of the utmost concern. When a tree is under stress or expending alot of its energy on healing itself from storm damage or other damage like improper pruning, it leaves the tree susceptible to attack because it often does not have the resources to defend itself.


At Alberta Arborists, we prefer to take a preventative approach when dealing with insect infestations and disease. If your tree is strong and healthy because it is receiving sufficient water, sunlight, proper pruning and is utilizing nutrients from the surrounding soil, it will be better able to defend itself against insect and disease infestations. 

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