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Water Line Damages

Main Water Lines can go out of order because of a number of reasons.

  • Poor original installation. Surely, it is not pleasant to understand that the reason lies in this fact but it’s not time you shrugged your shoulders, you have to act quickly.
  • Pipes age. If your house is very old, you should realize that it is a natural process as there are no eternal materials.


Water Line Service

There is no need to say that Waterlines are very important as they provide water circulation to your property. And if there is damage, you should react immediately. Our experts react to your phone call and treat your house as their own. Water Seepage or leakage should be removed fast enough. That is why we meet you and examine the situation. Note that we do not just suggest the probable cause of the Pipe damage but analyze the situation from the inside and offer you the best Water Line Repairs option for your particular case. Get in touch with us for more detailed information about Water Line Service.


Water Line Repair

Old Pipes were usually made of lead or were galvanized. They are usually dug minimum 4 feet deep into the ground to be protected from freezing in cold weather. New Pipes which are installed in the house are often made of Copper or Plastic (PEX) (inside).


Plastic Pipes are cheaper and they are easy to install as copper Pipes should be sealed at every 5th junction.


Water Line Repairs Process

  • The pipe is localized with a special device.
  • The pit is dug just next to your property line at the city and private border. Another pit is dug just next to the front house wall where the old pipe enters the house.
  • The water line is seen in both pits.
  • A torpedo working with the help of a compressor shoots a canal.
  • When the torpedo gets into the other pit, the compressor hose is still in the house.
  • A new pipe is tied to the hose and pulled through.
  • It is then connected to the outside City valve or direct line (we do not conduct the procedure on city property).
  • Everything is reconnected back in the house. The pipe is connected to the meter box (if there was any), and we install a new ball valve in the house. That’s simple. But even if it looks easy, don’t try to do that yourself as only specialists know how to dig, install or fix it back. Trust us and you’ll be pleased to have new pipes in a very short time.


Why Replace Old Water supply Pipes?

Leaks and dampness can point to the damage. There are lots of reasons for replacement of old water supply pipes. One of them is that they are no longer harmless for your health. Water goes through them, and we use it for cooking, washing and drinking. But led and iron contained in them get into the water we use which can cause allergies, diseases and even death. It is much cheaper to replace your old water supply pipes with copper or plastic ones than to pay doctors’ checks. Have got any questions about Water Line Repairs? Feel free to contact us now.


Water seepage can cause much bigger problems than just high water bills, great damage to your house and expensive repair checks! Contact us as soon as you notice a leak to Get Free Qualified Consultation.

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