Wherever you wish to go, our fragrances can take you there.

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Sheila Desjardins
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Close your eyes and feel the warmth of a sunny day, the ocean breeze combing your hair, a handful of freshly picked wildflowers. Wherever you wish to go, our fragrances can take you there. Explore the categories below to discover what’s new — then map your perfect Scentsy experience.

Evocative Scentsy fragrances are meant to go wherever life takes you. Discover new ways to enjoy the scents you love with inventive new products, our cherished Scentsy wax and on-the-go fragrance products.


Discover your perfect sensory retreat. Our Home products are designed to infuse your space with beauty, style and blissful fragrance. Express your point of view with fine finishes, hand-painted details and unmatched craftsmanship.


Enjoy your daily ritual with high-performance, multi-functional skincare and shave products designed to elevate every stage of the grooming process with modern, masculine fragrance. For men. 


Indulge in evocative body care and fragrance products composed of lavish ingredients designed to keep skin silky-soft, supple and delightfully scented. For women.


From the purple hills of Provence to a balmy island paradise — exclusive, high-efficiency formulas clean, condition and scent clothes for a remarkable sensory experience that extends far beyond your laundry room.


Bright, lovely fragrances take your senses on a delightful journey, while cutting-edge cleaning technologies fend off dirt and easily dissolve grime for a spotless and beautifully scented home.



 Email me – sheilad1975@hotmail.com

Text/call 705 937 1975

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